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Human Being

May 21, 2009

Human being – isn’t that a term that we should be able to define without a problem?  After all, we are one.  We live it, we experience it, we spend every waking moment trying to figure it out.  Even with many clues given, somehow we surrender to the idea that we cannot fully grasp the concept of what or who we are.  In lack of a better answer, we conclude we are complex beings.  But something must be off; something must be out of sync, that we struggle to accurately put all the pieces together.  Are we intended to be a mystery or are we not insightful enough to even understand what we are?  Many blame this enigma on life itself; on circumstances.  But isn’t life what we make it?  Isn’t our tomorrow fully based on what happened yesterday?  Isn’t our world a progression of events that has lead us to where we are now?

To try to answer why G-d created us is like trying to wrap our finite mind to the size of an infinite universe.  Our limited knowledge and understanding can only theorize about this.  What we do know, because of the blessing of being able to be sensitive to the physical world, is that we exist.  Genesis tells us that we are an image of the Creator and that once G-d saw what He created, He viewed it as good.  The beginning of the story of our existence is filled with harmony and peace.  This was disrupted by the fall, sending the rest of human history into a spin; one that got out of hand pretty quickly.  I am not saying that G-d was incapable of forcefully placing things back on track.  But, as C.S. Lewis wrote, forced love is not true love.  Even though G-d could have created a predestined world, He chose to place a limit to His almightiness and give us the gift of freewill.  I know I am mentioning very controversial aspects of the Christian faith but all I attempt to do is reveal the importance that the gift of choice has in who we are.

Much of what we have traditionally heard is that we embody what is wrong.  That the essence of who we are is faulty.  But that is not what G-d saw after He gave us life with His very own breath.  Then again, we do struggle with the evidence that clearly states we have messed things up.  The idea that the Bible is not referring to physical characteristics when it states we bear the image of G-d is not foreign to us.  Does that mean the rest of what we are is closer to exemplifying who G-d is?  When we read that G-d is jealous, gets angry, is concerned, smiles, that His heart brakes, is that just a few writers humanizing the Great “I Am”?  These things and all the other things that we are fall in three categories: spirit, mind, and body.  Unfortunately, we usually let our body dictate the course of our decisions, needing the mind to then figure out ways to correct what went wrong.  But what if our lives were lead by the spirit?  An integral part that is usually dormant because we constantly doubt it is even there.

We are beings that know the pain and the frustration we feel because things are “out of wack”.  There are few things that are that real.  We are hesitant beings because, no matter how hard we try to run away from this, we see the effects of the decisions we make.  Not to forget the guilt all this produces.  The biggest effect the fall had on us was the belief that we no longer needed the “G-d element” to be whole.  Yet our nature relies in being full of the spirit of G-d and letting this direct our minds and bodies towards healthy actions that will affect immensely how we relate to one another and how we go about our life.  It will be then when we see our lives give fruit that truly reflect the just, merciful, loving image that we bare.